Rules & Regulations

  • We do receive emails, but do not send email

  • All Fares listed in our website are subject to availability

  • Fares are Subject to change without notice

  • Prices are only guaranteed if booked and purchased on the same day

  • Some airlines' tickets are non-refundable but can be changed to higher fare

  • Please ask your agent if your ticket is restricted

  • Check visa requirements with the consulate

  • Be advised that penalties apply for changes and refunds. Check with your Puja  travel® agent before purchasing your tickets.

  • Penalties are from $375 to $550 to  non-refundable per ticket

  • Change for return is allowed for a penalty of $375 and up depending upon the airline

  • Please use the Fax Reservation Form provided. Form should be faxed to Puja Travels  (813.9720057)

  • We apologize, but are not responsible for, any typographical errors made in this website




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